I get Questions

Being the “token astronomer” in some of my circles means that I get asked all kinds of interesting questions. Like this: “You’re an astronomer! Tell me – is it normal for your boobs to actually be separate entities outside your space suit? I mean, I assume that’s for science reasons.” With the picture at rightContinue reading “I get Questions”

I can’t get enough of #GirlsWithToys

And no, as some of you pointed out when this whole thing started, this is not anything lewd. On Saturday morning, I was on a city bus in Pittsburgh heading to the airport. I had just wrapped up a week at the Intel International Science and Engineering Festival where I was the “adult-in-charge” from ourContinue reading “I can’t get enough of #GirlsWithToys”

Nan Dieter Conklin: Two Paths to Heaven's Gate

This year, for Ada Lovelace Day, I’d like to celebrate women in technology and science by celebrating the life of another early pioneer of radio astronomy: Nan Dieter Conklin. (If you haven’t, check out last year’s post on Ruby Payne-Scott!) A couple of years ago, I picked up Nan’s memoirs, “Two Paths to Heaven’s Gate”Continue reading “Nan Dieter Conklin: Two Paths to Heaven's Gate”

Ruby Payne-Scott, pioneer of Radio Astronomy

In celebration of Ada Lovelace Day, where bloggers have pledged to write about their favorite woman in technology, I am compelled to share a little bit of the story of Ruby Payne-Scott.  It is only in the last few years, due in large part to NRAO scientist Miller Goss, that her great story has comeContinue reading “Ruby Payne-Scott, pioneer of Radio Astronomy”