Around the Interwebz (and US) in July

Well since August is almost over, I should post my July links, huh? July was a busy month of travel for me. I went to CONvergence in Minneapolis, did a brief stint in the Poconos with Tim and family, attended a virtual conference from home while I was sick, then went to San Jose forContinue reading “Around the Interwebz (and US) in July”

Friggin’ Piranhas!

I have to say, I’m a wee bit jealous of my buddy and fellow bellydancer Alla as she travels the WORLD with UVa’s Semester at Sea. Here she is floating on the Amazon, learning about piranha’s first-hand from a tour guide. Luckily, they all escape with their hands intact. [youtube] Whenever they get internet,Continue reading “Friggin’ Piranhas!”