Sagan Day 2010

So before 2010 actually ends, I promised a recap of the Carl Sagan Day in Florida that I attended in November. Sad that you missed it? Well, all of the talks are still archived on video! Since I actually missed many of the talks due to my other duties, I’m glad for that. If youContinue reading “Sagan Day 2010”

Help us help kids with just a few clicks!

If you know me in person, you’ve probably heard me talk on and on about Dark Skies, Bright Kids, aka DSBK. This is an astronomy club for elementary school kids in Albemarle County, run by volunteers from the Astronomy Department at the University of Virginia. We visit a different school every semester, meeting with theContinue reading “Help us help kids with just a few clicks!”

Teaching… about ALIENS!

Hello! Oh, wow. Hi. Back. Or something… Um, yeah! So my month of teaching MADNESS is done. And weddings and seeing family and Tim’s family and all that good stuff is behind me. And I’m trying to get my head all back into research and such, and lots going on, plus my inbox is stillContinue reading “Teaching… about ALIENS!”