Sagan Day 2010

So before 2010 actually ends, I promised a recap of the Carl Sagan Day in Florida that I attended in November. Sad that you missed it? Well, all of the talks are still archived on video! Since I actually missed many of the talks due to my other duties, I’m glad for that. If youContinue reading “Sagan Day 2010”

AAS Reports: The Allen Telescope Array

The first official day of the conference, my collaborator and I spent quite a bit of time hanging out at the poster group for the Allen Telescope Array. Although they work at a different frequency regime than we do (check out my PAPER episode at 365 Days of Astronomy for more about our project!), weContinue reading “AAS Reports: The Allen Telescope Array”

Dr. SETI and "Cosmic Carl"

Fans of Skepticality (and let’s face it, who doesn’t love Derek and Swoopy?) know that the latest podcast includes an interview with Daniel Loxton, editor of Junior Skeptic and the man behind “Where Do We Go From Here?” and “What Do I Do Next?”  He unveils his latest project, Skeptics Mix Tape, which is aContinue reading “Dr. SETI and "Cosmic Carl"”

URSI Update #3 – SETI

Since it’s been a month since my conference, I think that this will be the last in my series of round-ups from the National Radio Sciences Meeting in Boulder last month. And this time, I’m going to stray away from mainstream science into something slightly out there but totally cool – the Search for ExtraterrestrialContinue reading “URSI Update #3 – SETI”

Awful Waste of a Drink

This is old, but it’s for posterity. The 2004 Socorro Summer Students present “Contact: The Drinking Game”! Take a swig any time one of these happens: We killed the “Bad Science” rule after Ellie discovers the signal, since then it delves way too far into the unknown. Oh, and the NRAO is not affiliated withContinue reading “Awful Waste of a Drink”

Seeing Aurora with Radio Eyes

Seth Shostak of the SETI Institute recently wrote a very cool article about the radio signals corresponding to aurora as possible indicators of Earth-like planets. His methods of explaining the geophysical phenomena and astronomical techniques are witty and informative. He truly makes me happy for never using the word “listen” to refer to radio astronomy.Continue reading “Seeing Aurora with Radio Eyes”