Students Building a Radio Telescope

Hey, all! I’m at the American Association of Physics Teachers meeting in Provo, Utah, and I thought I should post a digital version of my poster since I just took down the physical one. I’m really proud of my four undergrads who not only learned radio astronomy basics themselves in a few short weeks, butContinue reading “Students Building a Radio Telescope”

Insider’s Look at a Radio Observatory

Cross-posted on CosmoQuest Well hello, everyone. I am finally just about done with pictures and video from my trip to see ALMA in Chile a few weeks ago. I still have some podcast content to cut together and post on our brand new 365 Days of Astronomy website, but I thought I’d share all theContinue reading “Insider’s Look at a Radio Observatory”

So I’ll be in Texas… AND in Chile!

After telling everyone I’d be at the media/music/explosion that is South by SouthWest (SXSW) for several days, I got this phone call today asking if I’d like to be in Chile that week for the inauguration of the Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array, or ALMA. So even though my brain was yelling YES, I sadly declinedContinue reading “So I’ll be in Texas… AND in Chile!”

Video Killed the Radio Sky

Greetings from Boulder! I’m at the National Radio Sciences Meeting of URSI, listening to lots of talks on radio astronomy and geosciences, as well as madly finishing my own talk which I gave yesterday. I just had to share this cool website that was in one of the talks in the education section of theContinue reading “Video Killed the Radio Sky”

Travelogues, Part 2: Cape Town, South Africa

This summer has included a LOT of travel. Here is the next installment of my travelogues! (See also, Part 1) (As usual, all writing on this blog is solely my opinion and does not reflect the attitudes of any of my projects, institutions, colleagues, etc…) June 22: Day 1 in Cape Town We met upContinue reading “Travelogues, Part 2: Cape Town, South Africa”