Feast your Eyes on the Universe

I’m in the last day of a meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico and will be heading back to my new home in Illinois tonight. Sadly, that means I’ll miss the annular eclipse that is about to happen, but I’ll be sure to make plans for the 2017 total eclipse that will be visible acrossContinue reading “Feast your Eyes on the Universe”

Oo! Look at the (Astro) Pretties!

Why yes, I am quoting Kaylee. I was going to include this gorgeous image in with a recent Discovery post, but it had nothing to do with the actual story. So, here it is for you to ogle… This ghostly image of the Orion Nebula was taken with the Spitzer Space Telescope in the infraredContinue reading “Oo! Look at the (Astro) Pretties!”

Lunar Goodness over CVille

UPDATE: Rocking great picture by Rachael from McCormick Observatory last night, on her Flickr page, with the awesome 6-inch Clark Refractor in the foreground. UPDATE Again (9/17): Rachael’s pic gets a kudos from UVa alumn, the Bad Astronomer. — I got a great twitter update from Nick in CVille saying that there was a MoonContinue reading “Lunar Goodness over CVille”