I can’t get enough of #GirlsWithToys

And no, as some of you pointed out when this whole thing started, this is not anything lewd. On Saturday morning, I was on a city bus in Pittsburgh heading to the airport. I had just wrapped up a week at the Intel International Science and Engineering Festival where I was the “adult-in-charge” from ourContinue reading “I can’t get enough of #GirlsWithToys”

Astronomical Tales to be Told!

So, I just finished watching, and being very entertained by, “The Pluto Files,” a NOVA special by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Go watch it. Seriously! I’ll wait… There was a part where Clyde Tombaugh’s son was showing off some of his father’s homemade telescopes, including one that had an axle of a Buick. And I thought,Continue reading “Astronomical Tales to be Told!”