Travelogues, part 4: Expanding PAPER

Welcome to my series of posts about my research trip to South Africa in June/July! See also parts one and two and three… (As usual, all writing on this blog is solely my opinion and does not reflect the attitudes of any of my projects, institutions, colleagues, etc…) June 24: Field Work Begins I wasContinue reading “Travelogues, part 4: Expanding PAPER”

The Art of Being a Scientist

I’ve had “The Art of Being a Scientist: A Guide for Graduate Students and their Mentors” sitting on my desk for some time now. It looks to be a fascinating and useful read, however, I was deathly afraid that I was “too late” to open the book and get anything from it. I mean, I’mContinue reading “The Art of Being a Scientist”

Conference Travel: URSI Day 3

I have written about some interesting highlights from the annual National Radio Sciences Meeting of URSI in Boulder, CO, and would like to finish that off with a topic near and dear to my brain: radio astronomy through the ionosphere. Low frequency radio astronomy has enjoyed a resurgence in the last few years, partly drivenContinue reading “Conference Travel: URSI Day 3”

Fluffy Galaxy with Surprise Center

The American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle is in full swing, so the astronomy news is going to be flying this week! One of the first press releases is one I’ve been looking forward to for weeks. Several UVa and NRAO astronomers discovered a supermassive black hole in a dwarf galaxy! I actually heard aboutContinue reading “Fluffy Galaxy with Surprise Center”

Seeing Extrasolar Planets, Part I: Fomalhaut b

A little while ago the first images of exoplanets were released and caused quite a stir in the astronomical community, as well as on the blogosphere! Here at UVa, like good little grad students, we read and discussed the discovery papers shortly after they were released. I read the papers and took notes of ourContinue reading “Seeing Extrasolar Planets, Part I: Fomalhaut b”