Around the Interwebz (and US) in July

Well since August is almost over, I should post my July links, huh? July was a busy month of travel for me. I went to CONvergence in Minneapolis, did a brief stint in the Poconos with Tim and family, attended a virtual conference from home while I was sick, then went to San Jose forContinue reading “Around the Interwebz (and US) in July”

“Dragon*Con is my Christmas…”

… says Derek Colanduno, director of the massive sci-fi/fantasy/geek convention’s Skeptic Track. “It’s other people’s Halloween,” quips biologist and evolution defender Eugenie Scott. Frankly, it’s a little bit of both. Not enough candy, mind you, unless you really enjoy Tuaca (which tastes like Christmas in your mouth). But there are costumes… costumes galore! From StormContinue reading ““Dragon*Con is my Christmas…””

South Africa to Vegas to Lake Wallenpaupack

Greetings! Oh how I’ve missed blogging, though I’m sure I was hanging out with a good chunk of my readers at The Amazing Meeting 9 in Las Vegas last week. Now, I’m taking some much deserved downtime at Lake Wallenpaupack in Pennsylvania with Tim and family. Of course, downtime also means catch-up on blogging time,Continue reading “South Africa to Vegas to Lake Wallenpaupack”

Skepticism 102

I had long ago promised to write about what came out of Skeptrack at Dragon*Con. It’s taken some time to process, and there have been many other distractions (life, work, etc) but here I finally begin… I’ve written previously about what it means for me to be a “skeptic” so I guess you could callContinue reading “Skepticism 102”

Dragon*Con Post-Op

Holy. Frakkin. Wow. So, I attended, no, experienced my very first Dragon*Con. It was on a scale of something that I have never seen before. Tens of thousands of freaks and geeks, many in costume, descended upon downtown Atlanta to laugh, squee, drink, and just be themselves (or whoever they want to be) for aContinue reading “Dragon*Con Post-Op”

Star-partying, and for a good cause!

Those cool Atlanta Skeptics are hosting a benefit right around Dragon*Con time called “A Full Moon for Cancer.”  This will be held in honor of Jeff Medkeff, aka the “Blue Collar Scientist,” astronomer, skeptic, and blogger who succumbed to cancer last year.  All of the proceeds from the event will go to the American CancerContinue reading “Star-partying, and for a good cause!”