AAS Wrap-up: Personal Perspective and the Big Stories

What a crazy ride! I am finally recovered, mostly, from the big American Astronomical Society meeting in Washington, DC, that occurred last week.  What a ride! For me, the conference started off with a teaching workshop put on by the Center for Astronomy Education on interactive learning methods in “Astro 101.” As I start toContinue reading “AAS Wrap-up: Personal Perspective and the Big Stories”

Dragon*Con Post-Op

Holy. Frakkin. Wow. So, I attended, no, experienced my very first Dragon*Con. It was on a scale of something that I have never seen before. Tens of thousands of freaks and geeks, many in costume, descended upon downtown Atlanta to laugh, squee, drink, and just be themselves (or whoever they want to be) for aContinue reading “Dragon*Con Post-Op”

Dr. SETI and "Cosmic Carl"

Fans of Skepticality (and let’s face it, who doesn’t love Derek and Swoopy?) know that the latest podcast includes an interview with Daniel Loxton, editor of Junior Skeptic and the man behind “Where Do We Go From Here?” and “What Do I Do Next?”  He unveils his latest project, Skeptics Mix Tape, which is aContinue reading “Dr. SETI and "Cosmic Carl"”