Carnival of Space #225

Greetings, fellow space nerds and geeks! For the US folks, I hope you have recovered from your turkey coma and are getting back to your regularly scheduled week. We’re getting ready to celebrate the longest night of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere, while you Southern Hemispherers approach summer. However you celebrate the impendingContinue reading “Carnival of Space #225”

SDO: Learning to Live with our Sun

I am such a happy girl right now. After some 13 hours in the car, (more for some!) George, Aleya, James and I made it to Titusville, Florida. We are here for the SDOisGO TweepUp event, and we’re catching the launch of STS-130 while we’re here! So what exactly is the SDO? SDO stands forContinue reading “SDO: Learning to Live with our Sun”

Carnival of Space #137

The Carnival of Space has finally made it’s appearance this week. When the carnival players first showed up, I was lost in a beautiful, idyllic world called Pandora, inhabited by those tall, blue Na’vi and lots of fantastic (and fluorescent) creatures. But as I stepped out of the theatre labeled “Avatar”, leaving my 3-D glassesContinue reading “Carnival of Space #137”

Look out, it’s "Death from the Skies!"

So if you are one of those who have wandered over to my blog from time to time, surely you know of the Bad Astronomer. He’s not “bad” in the “good vs. bad” sense, more like “badass.” Well, actually, Phil Plait became known for his book and website, “Bad Astronomy” which debunked popular astronomy mythsContinue reading “Look out, it’s "Death from the Skies!"”

Eureka! …A Review

“Eureka!” It’s a phrase connected with scientific discovery.  Roughly meaning, “I have found it!” the story goes that Archimedes proclaimed it down the streets while running naked after realizing that his volume displaced an equal volume of water from his bathtub.  (Streaking, part of the scientific legacy. Tell your friends.) It is also the nameContinue reading “Eureka! …A Review”

Carnival of Space #79

Welcome, one and all, to the glittering light show that is the Carnival of Space! Only this time, it’s not a carnival lit by twinkling bulbs but by the nuclear furnaces of stars and the fires of our own imaginations. This week, it’s all about planets as we start from Earth and move through ourContinue reading “Carnival of Space #79”