Comment Policy

It is becoming clear that I need a more obviously defined comment policy. Here it is, effective 6 October 2012:

This is pretty easy. Be nice. Be respectful. Don’t be a dick.

This is my home on the internet. This is my personal blog. You do not get to tell me how or what I should write. I write for several other sites in a more consistent and professional tone, so feel free to go there if that is what you prefer. Beyond that, there is a whole wide internet to explore; I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

You are welcome to come here and chat in my home. But I pay the rent, and I reserve the right to kick you out for rude, inappropriate, or spammy behavior. In fact, I can actually kick you out or delete your comment for whatever reason I want, or for no reason at all. However, I tend towards free expression so I will really only ban you if your dickishness becomes unbearable. I will delete comments that I find particularly disruptive. If I block you or delete your comment, I am not restricting your free speech. Get your own blog. It’s free! Or buy your own server space and say whatever you want there. Again, there is a big internet to explore.

You don’t know me, most likely, and I don’t know you, most likely. Commenters don’t know each other beyond words on a screen. Remember that there is a WHOLE PERSON on the other side of that comment and try and be respectful of that. Humor and snark are appreciated here, but a basic level of respect for each other is expected.

If you are going to get argumentative, at least try to make a cogent argument and avoid logical fallacies.

I will extend this policy when necessary to social media sites or any other such page where you can leave me comments. Oh, and real-life conversations. I reserve the right to update, change, and enforce this policy as I see fit, from now until the zombie apocalypse.