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Rocking the Conference Life

I’ll soon be on my way to a double-header conference in New Orleans. The American Association of Physics Teachers and American Astronomical Society are having their conferences just a block away from each other Jan 6 – 11. This is a special AAS for me personally since it’ll be 20 years (!) since my first AAS meeting.

You can catch me at either of my posters:

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One Astronomer’s Noise Relaunch!

What does one say when they relaunch a blog? Hello, world… again!

Writing, like any other skill, benefits from consistent practice. That’s not something I’ve been particularly good at. I think I do just enough to get by… but I realized that I miss it. Some people think better out loud, either to themselves or to others. Some are quite good at quiet contemplation. Me? I do better when I write.

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