#ProfLife Year 4, Black Holes on the Radio, and the Return of the Skepchicks

UPDATE (5/7/19): You can find the audio of the NHPR conversation online, as well as a segment I did the next day with Amy Shira Teitel for Minnesota Public Radio! The last post on this page is actually a year old, so time for an update! Things look a little different around here. I’ve setContinue reading “#ProfLife Year 4, Black Holes on the Radio, and the Return of the Skepchicks”

Noisy Astronomer joins the Sky Guys!

Greetings from overwhelmed-professor-land! Heh, yeah, I’m alive and even occasionally on social media these days. But life as a tenure track professor keeps me pretty busy, even during the summer months. I have some exciting science outreach stuff happening starting this month, starting off with my first appearance on NHPR’s The Exchange on Wednesday, AugustContinue reading “Noisy Astronomer joins the Sky Guys!”

Conference Musings, and Making a Difference

For a natural introvert, conferences can be a tricky experience. There is an almost overwhelming constant interaction, listening, talking, speaking, questioning, and collaborating. However, that’t the thing that makes conferences incredibly valuable. Meeting and gathering in person is still crucial to ideas and projects even in this age of virtual meetings and presentations. This mightContinue reading “Conference Musings, and Making a Difference”