The Face in your Bellybutton

Somehow, I missed out on being part of an excellent experiment at SciOnline a few weeks ago. A group of scientists and science communicators have teamed up to explore the “wildlife of the body” through Belly Button Diversity. They took samples from bellybuttons of various conference participants and let them grow in an agar solution.Continue reading “The Face in your Bellybutton”

Work Break

I’m still alive…. and working…. and needed a short break…. I know I tweeted this twice already, but I can’t stop laughing at it… “The Turkey that Ate St. Louis” or how astronomy grad students procrastinated in 1969… [youtube=] Also, “Gettin’ Pissed with the FDO” from Dragon*Con 2009, finally posted! Well, the first one. NotContinue reading “Work Break”

Astronomy Songs – Part I

For those of you that follow along on twitter, a little while ago I asked for some help finding space and astronomy songs for our Dark Skies, Bright Kids end of semester party. And did I mention that my twitter friends are freaking awesome! I got TONS of lists and suggestions and promised to compileContinue reading “Astronomy Songs – Part I”

Dragon*Con Post-Op

Holy. Frakkin. Wow. So, I attended, no, experienced my very first Dragon*Con. It was on a scale of something that I have never seen before. Tens of thousands of freaks and geeks, many in costume, descended upon downtown Atlanta to laugh, squee, drink, and just be themselves (or whoever they want to be) for aContinue reading “Dragon*Con Post-Op”

My Philly-Atlantic City-New York-Poconos Experience

My webernets presence has been pretty sparse lately, as I’ve been away from home and on the road for almost a week and a half.  And I had a blast! So much so that I’m having trouble readjusting to being home.  So here’s the recap for those who care. (If you don’t give a darn,Continue reading “My Philly-Atlantic City-New York-Poconos Experience”

Eureka! …A Review

“Eureka!” It’s a phrase connected with scientific discovery.  Roughly meaning, “I have found it!” the story goes that Archimedes proclaimed it down the streets while running naked after realizing that his volume displaced an equal volume of water from his bathtub.  (Streaking, part of the scientific legacy. Tell your friends.) It is also the nameContinue reading “Eureka! …A Review”

Awful Waste of a Drink

This is old, but it’s for posterity. The 2004 Socorro Summer Students present “Contact: The Drinking Game”! Take a swig any time one of these happens: We killed the “Bad Science” rule after Ellie discovers the signal, since then it delves way too far into the unknown. Oh, and the NRAO is not affiliated withContinue reading “Awful Waste of a Drink”