Lunar Goodness over CVille

UPDATE: Rocking great picture by Rachael from McCormick Observatory last night, on her Flickr page, with the awesome 6-inch Clark Refractor in the foreground. UPDATE Again (9/17): Rachael’s pic gets a kudos from UVa alumn, the Bad Astronomer. — I got a great twitter update from Nick in CVille saying that there was a MoonContinue reading “Lunar Goodness over CVille”

Awful Waste of a Drink

This is old, but it’s for posterity. The 2004 Socorro Summer Students present “Contact: The Drinking Game”! Take a swig any time one of these happens: We killed the “Bad Science” rule after Ellie discovers the signal, since then it delves way too far into the unknown. Oh, and the NRAO is not affiliated withContinue reading “Awful Waste of a Drink”

Wave at the Nice Astronauts!

Did you know that you can see the International Space Station with the naked eye? It’s actually quite bright! reports on some great opportunities to see the ISS from North America and Europe over the next few weeks. They include a recommendation for for figuring out your viewing times. On the home page,Continue reading “Wave at the Nice Astronauts!”

Seeing Aurora with Radio Eyes

Seth Shostak of the SETI Institute recently wrote a very cool article about the radio signals corresponding to aurora as possible indicators of Earth-like planets. His methods of explaining the geophysical phenomena and astronomical techniques are witty and informative. He truly makes me happy for never using the word “listen” to refer to radio astronomy.Continue reading “Seeing Aurora with Radio Eyes”