Travelogues, Part 2: Cape Town, South Africa

This summer has included a LOT of travel. Here is the next installment of my travelogues! (See also, Part 1) (As usual, all writing on this blog is solely my opinion and does not reflect the attitudes of any of my projects, institutions, colleagues, etc…) June 22: Day 1 in Cape Town We met upContinue reading “Travelogues, Part 2: Cape Town, South Africa”

South Africa to Vegas to Lake Wallenpaupack

Greetings! Oh how I’ve missed blogging, though I’m sure I was hanging out with a good chunk of my readers at The Amazing Meeting 9 in Las Vegas last week. Now, I’m taking some much deserved downtime at Lake Wallenpaupack in Pennsylvania with Tim and family. Of course, downtime also means catch-up on blogging time,Continue reading “South Africa to Vegas to Lake Wallenpaupack”

Travelogues: To Africa!

Greetings from South Africa! As you may know by now, I’m on a research trip to build out the Precision Array to Probe the Epoch of Reionization, or PAPER, out to a 64-antenna radio astronomy array. My advisor, Rich Bradley, and resident technical wonder, Pat Klima, and I have spent two days in Cape TownContinue reading “Travelogues: To Africa!”

Leaving on a jet plane! #psa64

And all the planning and craziness leading up to today is over. Let the adventure begin! I’m heading to South Africa to work on The Precision Array to Probe the Epoch of Reionization, aka PAPER, aka the project on which i am writing my thesis. I’ve talked about PAPER a bit before, as it isContinue reading “Leaving on a jet plane! #psa64”

Astronomers Without Borders

Hey! Just a quick note to plug a really cool organization called Astronomers Without Borders. They asked me to write a guest blog for them for Global Astronomy Month, and you can see that here. I’ll be crossing some borders of my own as I head off to South Africa in late June! Dates areContinue reading “Astronomers Without Borders”

Science Meets Art Meets… Cereal?

This made my afternoon yesterday, when I was running around like crazy… This made me sooo happy! And I told Steve, of Tree Lobsters fame, that it made my day. (See how he did it at Mad Art Lab!) Later that evening, I was totally pooped from my busy day and about to curl upContinue reading “Science Meets Art Meets… Cereal?”

Oo! Look at the (Astro) Pretties!

Why yes, I am quoting Kaylee. I was going to include this gorgeous image in with a recent Discovery post, but it had nothing to do with the actual story. So, here it is for you to ogle… This ghostly image of the Orion Nebula was taken with the Spitzer Space Telescope in the infraredContinue reading “Oo! Look at the (Astro) Pretties!”

Runaway Star!

And no, not the spoiled-teenage-actor type… Instead, it’s this: WISE, or the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, captured a quickly moving star creating a bow-shock as it plows through interstellar gas and dust. Dust is “warm,” not as hot as stars, and thus can glow in infrared light while being invisible to optical telescopes. The dustContinue reading “Runaway Star!”