Stuff I Did Not Here in February

Blogs M82 Supernova Update – CosmoQuest – 3 February 2014 Weird Asteroid Itokawa Has A Dual Personality – Discovery Space News – 5 February 2014 What’s In an Asteroid – CosmoQuest – 5 February 2014 “Missing” Evolutionary Link for Compact Galaxies Found – Discovery Space News – 6 February 2014 Strong Foundations – CosmoQuest – 12Continue reading “Stuff I Did Not Here in February”

Long Winter

I haven’t been around this site for a while, but I’ve been working quite a bit, especially in the last few weeks. New year, new goals! Here’s a link round-up for December and January. I might be doing that a bit more frequently soon! Blogs Pop Quiz – December 4, School of Doubt Pop Quiz:Continue reading “Long Winter”

The Next Big Thing (and Aug/Sept Round-Up)

Welcome to my noisy world from the last two months! To be honest, last month was an odd blur. August, however, was much more productive. I was especially excited to be a part of Dragon*Con once again! As usual, I’ll round-up what I’ve written or video-ed in the last two months. Even though I don’tContinue reading “The Next Big Thing (and Aug/Sept Round-Up)”

Around the Interwebz (and US) in July

Well since August is almost over, I should post my July links, huh? July was a busy month of travel for me. I went to CONvergence in Minneapolis, did a brief stint in the Poconos with Tim and family, attended a virtual conference from home while I was sick, then went to San Jose forContinue reading “Around the Interwebz (and US) in July”

Elsewhere on the Interwebz for June 2013

I write stuff sometimes. It’s been scattered as of late, but with year one of my post-doc under my belt, I’m starting to get the hang of things. Or, so I tell myself. As I work harder to put more blog-writing and video-making out, I thought it would help, at least my own sanity, toContinue reading “Elsewhere on the Interwebz for June 2013”

Insider’s Look at a Radio Observatory

Cross-posted on CosmoQuest Well hello, everyone. I am finally just about done with pictures and video from my trip to see ALMA in Chile a few weeks ago. I still have some podcast content to cut together and post on our brand new 365 Days of Astronomy website, but I thought I’d share all theContinue reading “Insider’s Look at a Radio Observatory”

So I’ll be in Texas… AND in Chile!

After telling everyone I’d be at the media/music/explosion that is South by SouthWest (SXSW) for several days, I got this phone call today asking if I’d like to be in Chile that week for the inauguration of the Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array, or ALMA. So even though my brain was yelling YES, I sadly declinedContinue reading “So I’ll be in Texas… AND in Chile!”