Carnival of Space #79

Welcome, one and all, to the glittering light show that is the Carnival of Space! Only this time, it’s not a carnival lit by twinkling bulbs but by the nuclear furnaces of stars and the fires of our own imaginations. This week, it’s all about planets as we start from Earth and move through ourContinue reading “Carnival of Space #79”

Lunar Goodness over CVille

UPDATE: Rocking great picture by Rachael from McCormick Observatory last night, on her Flickr page, with the awesome 6-inch Clark Refractor in the foreground. UPDATE Again (9/17): Rachael’s pic gets a kudos from UVa alumn, the Bad Astronomer. — I got a great twitter update from Nick in CVille saying that there was a MoonContinue reading “Lunar Goodness over CVille”

Awful Waste of a Drink

This is old, but it’s for posterity. The 2004 Socorro Summer Students present “Contact: The Drinking Game”! Take a swig any time one of these happens: We killed the “Bad Science” rule after Ellie discovers the signal, since then it delves way too far into the unknown. Oh, and the NRAO is not affiliated withContinue reading “Awful Waste of a Drink”