Reflections on the Goal of College

Yesterday’s “Afternoon Inquisition” on Skepchick brought up a very interesting topic that I had relegated to the back-burner of my mind for some time now. MasalaSkeptic asked, “Is college worth it? What are the factors that make it worthwhile?” That’s a huge question with lots of individualized answers. Obviously, I’m interested in working in anContinue reading “Reflections on the Goal of College”

Happy Darwin Day!

Today we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, the biologist (or naturalist, in those days) who first proposed that all species evolved from a common ancestor through natural selection. Today, we see evidence of evolution all around us, and natural selection is the explanation that is most well supported by thisContinue reading “Happy Darwin Day!”

URSI Update #3 – SETI

Since it’s been a month since my conference, I think that this will be the last in my series of round-ups from the National Radio Sciences Meeting in Boulder last month. And this time, I’m going to stray away from mainstream science into something slightly out there but totally cool – the Search for ExtraterrestrialContinue reading “URSI Update #3 – SETI”

The Scientist appreciates Art

A few days ago, I went to the Museum of Modern Art with some friends and had a fantabulous time! I’ve known these two since we were froshies in college. One majored in theatre, the other in art and marketing. So the scientist was among people of culture, and I love learning from them. (TheContinue reading “The Scientist appreciates Art”

Seeing Extrasolar Planets, Part I: Fomalhaut b

A little while ago the first images of exoplanets were released and caused quite a stir in the astronomical community, as well as on the blogosphere! Here at UVa, like good little grad students, we read and discussed the discovery papers shortly after they were released. I read the papers and took notes of ourContinue reading “Seeing Extrasolar Planets, Part I: Fomalhaut b”