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Me, John, Laura, and Mal, via nhprexchange

The “Sky Crew” on NHPR’s The Exchange

Until the end of her show in 2021, I joined host Laura Knoy with fellow New Hampshire astronomers Mal Cameron and John Gianforte to discuss all the astronomical happenings that folks want to hear about. The call-in show airs live on New Hampshire Public Radio and online at 9am ET Monday – Friday. Check here for the announcement of our next show. Past Sky Crew episodes include:

Additional appearance on Jan 27, 2021, The Legacy of Christa McAuliffe and N.H. Space Education

science friday logoI was on Science Friday!

I got to talk about DIY radio astronomy projects in relation to the Perseid meteor shower on the August 8, 2014, episode of Science Friday. Listen to the archive or read the accompanying post about it.

Learning Space

For several years, I co-hosted Learning Space, a weekly Hangout on Air about topics in astronomy education, outreach, and other ways to share science. It includes interviews, hands-on demonstrations, lists of our favorite resources and more.

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Learning Space broadcasts are on YouTube. Visit the website for a video archive of past episodes. The audio version of the podcast is available on the 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast.


7 June 2010 – Dark Skies, Bright Kids

Experience the wonders of children learning about the universe from my fourth podcast, “Dark Skies, Bright Kids.” This highlights the work of the outreach club by that name at the UVa Astronomy Department, with a goal to bring astronomy into rural elementary schools.

6 February 2010 – Expanding an Already Very Large Array

I have a third podcast up on February 6, 2010, all about the EVLA. This is the Expanded Very Large Array, a ten-fold improvement of one of the most productive telescopes today. Listen to hear more about this exciting telescope upgrade!

5 May 2009 – Seeing the Universe in a Whole New Light

Check out my second podcast, “Seeing the Universe in a Whole New Light.”

2 April 2009 – Searching for Distant Hydrogen from the Australian Outback

I hope you also enjoyed my very first podcast on April 2nd of the International Year of Astronomy, where we tell you a little bit about the PAPER project, or the Precision Array to Probe the Epoch of Reionization.

Thanks for listening!