Rocking the Conference Life

I’ll soon be on my way to a double-header conference in New Orleans. The American Association of Physics Teachers and American Astronomical Society are having their conferences just a block away from each other Jan 6 – 11. This is a special AAS for me personally since it’ll be 20 years (!) since my first AAS meeting.

You can catch me at either of my posters:

AND you can see my AAS iPoster now, even if you’re not registered for the conference! I may be making small edits along the way, and I still need to add narration and, possibly, a video tour. You can also access the poster’s supplementary materials which expand on the work mentioned. That folder also includes the poster I’ll be showing at AAPT.

Putting that iPoster together was really special for me since it pulled together what I’d been working on with the Radio JOVE and my students over the past four years. Sometimes, in the rush of every new semester where teaching is primary, I forget the threads that tie my work together from one year to the next. So, it’s nice to summarize it like that. I look forward to chatting with collaborators and potential future collaborators at the conference!

"I'm attending" graphic for AAS 243 (Jan 7-11) with added logo for AAPT Winter Meeting (Jan 6-9), both in New Orleans. I've scratched out the "X" logo and included those socials that I actually use.

Finally, there’s always a social media component to conferences these days. I have, uh, edited, the official graphic being shared to include where I’ll be posting about the conference.

I get it. Larger organizations move slowly, and it’s especially difficult for a social media manager, usually a one-person show with many OTHER responsibilities, too, to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape. But, this did remind me, sort of bittersweetly, that I did a poster about “how to use Twitter for astronomers” aaaaaall the way back in 2010! I don’t have a copy of the poster readily available, but I’m sure it’s cringey. I did find the abstract though. Back in those days, those of us who were using Twitter made our own conference hashtag and had little side tweet-ups and shared what was going on at the conference to our small audiences. It’s almost quaint, now, looking back. Now, social media is not just for speaking outward from the conference. Many of us use it to communicate within it, as well. It’ll be interesting to see how that works in the newly fractured landscape. At least I heard there will be a central Slack for AAS.

If you’re going, please say hi! I’ll either be wearing an N95 OR sitting outside stuffing my face with beignets or some other delicious NOLA food.