Fall Semester Rolls on…

Well it’s a little over halfway through the Fall semester, and I’m hanging in there with class, work projects, and lots and lots of job application. Yes, that’s right, it’s #willastronomfornoms time again! Much love to everyone who’s been forwarding me interesting job applications and helping with letters and references and all that jazz. Oh, I even got to be co-PI on an NSF proposal that was recently submitted.

OH AND I GOT A DOGGIE! She’s been dominating my Instagram feed and has her own Facebook page if you’d like to see.

Here’s been my work on the internet in the past two months. Favorites are bolded:


A while back, I also wrote this piece for the Daily Beast and have forgotten to link to it until now. D’oh! Check out, About That ‘World-Ending Solar Storm… from July.


There were also some acts of whimsy that I still have mixed feelings about…

That’s all for now!