August on the interwebz

Last month ended in a kind of frenzy! Between DragonCon, our big outreach event of the year over at CosmoQuest, and classes starting for my first semester teaching, it was quite busy around here.

In addition, we lost a dear friend, P.G. Holyfield, to a very brief battle with cancer. Please, if you haven’t already, get to know him through his work on iTunes or SpecFicMedia, and if you can, help his family deal with the expenses of losing a father. (Yes, I’m pretty pissed at GoFundMe, too, but this happened before that so please set that aside and let this fundraiser succeed.)

I’ll update on DragonCon a bit later, and hopefully get to blog a bit about my classes, but for now, I can leave with you with some writings from around the blogosphere in August.