A Noisy Update

Hello, gentle (and not-so-gentle) readers. I’m on vacation at the moment, which to me means: catch up on all the non-work to-do’s that I’ve got on the back burner! (My idea of vacation may be a bit different from yours.)

For one, I’m looking around at this site which has basically become a placeholder for me on the internet. Inspired by the Bloggess’s weekly postings of “Stuff I Did While Not Here,” I’ve basically just kept a monthly (or semi-monthly) listing of all the writing and video making that I’ve been doing for the past year. Though lately I’ve worked hard to be a bit more prolific on the CosmoQuest blog, I realize that my others responsibilities, including this very site, deserve some of my attention! So, I’m going to pick up posting here, probably short blurbs about interesting science stories I see, reactions to news items, both positive, and negative, and just about anything else I find particularly share-worthy that’s longer form than just a tweet.

As for my professional life right now, I’m still working for CosmoQuest as the informal education lead, but the time of my funding is running out. It is time for this little postdoc to figure out what is next! When people ask me what I want to do, it’s hard not to answer “everything!” I’ve already decided that full or most-time research is not for me, but I still love teaching, formally and informally, writing, social media, outreach, and more. Basically, at this point, I’m looking for a job that lets me continue to communicate and teach science in some way while still being able to pay my bills. That still leaves a wide field, and I’m casting a wide net as a result. This is all to say that if you are reading this and happen upon an opportunity that sounds like something I should try for, let me know! Of course, you may be asked for a reference in return.

In the fall semester, I’m taking on some new roles at SIUE and the STEM Center. I will be teaching a class (hooray!), Science 241B – Physics for Elementary Education majors. It’s been a while since I’ve had a formal university class to teach, so I’m definitely looking forward to it, even if it means having to ditch my flip flops and casual wear for something more in-class and lab appropriate. Oh, and it’s at 8am. Bring on the coffee. I’m also going to be getting more involved in the Teen Science Cafe project, specifically the Gateway Teen Science Cafe in St. Louis. This national network is modeled somewhat after the more informal science cafes or pubs for adults, but done for and by junior high and high school students. I had a lovely time as the scientist-speaker for this cafe back in October, and I’ll be joining in a supportive role. Look out, St. Louis area scientists, we’ll be looking for you! Plus, there’s talk of taking some of the cafes virtual, and my Google Hangout experience should help with that.

That’s all the personal updates for now. I look forward to some more fun writing here. Let me know what you’d like to see as well? I’ve included a list of some of my most visited and personal favorite blogs from the past at Writings.