Happy Spring! Finally…

20140415_115019Well spring has finally decided to show up across the US. Here in the Midwest, it heralds lovely thunderstorms and tornado warnings. Which doesn’t change much for Tim and me since we don’t have a basement.

In any case, here’s a roundup of the last TWO months where I’ve been writing all over the internet…



The 36-hour long Hangoutathon happened and I’m still somewhat in recovery. Because, wow. It was long, it was fun, and I’m still blown away by everyone’s generosity. Thank you! This year I’m going to work on getting the segment videos up much sooner, but for now they are all still long form over on Pamela’s Google+ Page.

I have some sad news. Unfortunately, I will no longer be blogging for Discovery Space News. In fact, the blogging staff has been significantly reduced because of budget cuts. However, since I’ve been spending more and more writing energy on CosmoQuest anyway, I was already thinking it might be time to go, at least so I wouldn’t feel so guilty not contributing as often as I’d like. It’s still a GREAT place for space news, so I encourage you to go visit (with your AdBlocker OFF) and give them some love. Plus, I may still do a special feature now and again, especially when CosmoQuest has new science to publish! To Ian O’Neill who gave this little science writer a chance to blog with the big kids, THANK YOU.

Oh, I also slowly gave up on the daily selfie thing. Though I’m still a feminist and appreciate a good selfie, I think I got my point across in the first few months and, frankly, ran out of ideas. But kudos to those still participating!

Onwards and upwards…

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