Dining, Red Dwarf Style

So I’ve been going back and watching interesting sci-fi and comedy programs on Netflix while I work on more mundane tasks or before bed. Most recently, I’ve been watching all of Red Dwarf in order, from the very first series in the late 80s, to Red Dwarf X which aired just last year. In joking about it with my boyfriend, Tim, we decided to go ahead and make the disgusting looking and odd sounding specialty of Dave Lister, the Triple Fried Egg Chili Chutney sandwich. Happily, there is already at least one blog dedicated to geeky recipes, so we followed the instructions over at Feasty Geeks. Here is our attempt…



The main ingredients are, not surprisingly, eggs, chutney, chili sauce, and butter (for frying the eggs). We went for a mango chutney, which was amusingly named Patak’s, so don’t try and feed it to a Klingon. The Sriracha chili sauce was recommended by Feasty Geeks, so we gave that a shot. It looks like hot firey death, but it’s actually not all that bad.

Oh yeah, and you need bread.


We decided to toast the bread to help with the stability of the sandwich to come.


The man they call… Tim, cracking another egg. This was Tim’s first shot at overeasy or fried eggs, so he was careful and kept the heat on the lowest setting. You don’t really want to do that, as you’ll read in a bit. His meticulous care made me think he was more Kryton than Lister, and I was the one hovering about being annoying… more like Lister.

While the eggs were cooking, he then got to work on the first beer milkshake. Stout, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup into a blender. Not the most ideal blender for the job, but he got it to work.


The result… DELICIOUS!

Of course, Lister prefers lager, so Tim also tried a version with lager, ice cream, and frozen peaches. Not that Dave would willingly put fruit in his own beer milkshake, but I imagine Kryton would sneak it in as an attempt to get some healthy eating done. Unfortunately, the blender couldn’t handle the sheer awesomeness and this happened:


What little bits we could scoop out with our fingers were, however, also delicious.

Okay, now back to the sandwich… we toasted the bread (actually, I toasted the bread, and I was very proud of this, my only contribution to the meal) and started to spread the chutney and chili sauce while Tim flipped the eggs. Then, layering!


Then moment of truth came when I tried to cut the sandwich. Sadly, it was now clear that we’d overcooked the eggs. There was no volcanic eruption of yolk as we’d expected!


However, this first test proved that the sandwich itself was far tastier than it had any right to be. The sweetness of the chutney and the spiciness of the chili sauce worked perfectly on the egg-bread substrate. Delighted, I asked Tim for a triple fried egg chili chutney sandwich for breakfast the next day, and he obliged. This time, he was much faster with the eggs, and we got the yummy messy result that we were hoping for…




All hail the Triple Fried Egg Chili Chutney sandwich, and my boyfriend who thinks of doing crazy things like this when we’re together.



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