Astronomy Grab Bag

Quick updates!

The crowd-funding project for space science, Uwingu, got an extension to their Indiegogo campaign, and they are almost to their goal with just 6 days left! Can you help with a donation? A share? A tweet? I wrote a bit on how you can help science, including with this project, over on Skepchick.

Speaking of Skepchick, Rebecca is doing us a good public service by compiling a list of dirty astronomical terms.

I get email! Most of it boring and work-related, but sometimes I get cool stuff, like a podcast about astronomical songs. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the whole thing yet, but it starts off pretty cool and the guest is in a band called Lobate Scarp. Awesome.

If you are a teen in Europe and you like space, you should check out the Odysseus Contest and submit your space exploration project idea.

Don’t forget International Observe the Moon Night is Saturday! We’ll be doing a bunch of live online Hangouts through CosmoQuest and you can probably find an event near you.

In addition to such special events, our weekly Google+ Hangout on Air offerings have ramped back up to full force with the Virtual Star Party on Sunday nights, Astronomy Cast on Monday, Weekly Science Hour on Wednesday, and the Weekly Space Roundup on Thursday, all of which you can watch at CosmoQuest and subscribe to our Google Calendar so you don’t miss out.

I’m going to be in Philly next weekend to visit The Boy, and Charlottesville the weekend after for a forum on “Fact, Fiction, and Supposition.” The ever luminescent Phil Plait will be speaking about how we’re NOT going to die in a public talk at good old UVa on Friday, September 28th, so come say hi. In fact, come up to me and say “I am CosmoQuest!” and I’ll give you a sticker or a button or whatever I manage to fit into my luggage this time.


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  1. Hello,
    Just mentioning a project that might be of interest
    concerning finding earthlike planets.
    It is called: Minerva, a telescope that will be built
    by collaboration between Cal Tech and Penn State.
    Head of project is John Johnson of Cal Tech.
    There is a website for the project.

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