In case you missed the solar eclipse last weekend due to weather, bad placement on the Earth, or general life distractions, you can see lots and lots of pictures of it from generous people all over the world. One such collection can be found at Universe Today. My favorite came from UVa astro alum Alok Singhal:

Don’t worry. He’s a professional!

The Bad Astronomer hosted his own live video chat that is several hours long and worth every minute of the science and hilarity that ensued. We had a video feed of the eclipse as it happened from Scott Lewis who was broadcasting from his telescope (and manually guiding the whole time!!!) at Citrus College. Go check it out. At least the last 45 minutes or so for maximum eclipse and hilarity. Rock on.


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  1. Any time doing public outreach is amazing, but with the panel of PhD’s we had along with Fraser, we couldn’t go wrong! You guys rock!


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