Chat about Astronomy Outreach Tonight!

Re-post from the CosmoQuest blog:

Am I not so lucky that Joe has already posted an introduction to the fabulous universe of CosmoQuest Hangouts?

Join us live on Google+ this evening (4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern) for a roundtable chat with several members of Dark Skies, Bright Kids, an outreach program to schools in central Virginia. This episode will feature Rachael Beaton, Paul Ries, Ryan Lynch, and whoever else I manage to round up by then from the DSBK crew, past and present. I’ll be hosting the discussion, so circle me for updates.

DSBK: Engaging young minds by blowing things up since 2009.

From the DSBK website:

Dark Skies Bright Kids is an entirely volunteer-run program out of the UVa Astronomy Department with the core mission of enhancing science education for elementary school students. The program seeks to foster the natural curiosity of children by helping them to explore the Universe in a social setting with fun, hands-on activities.

Come join in the fun and be prepared to ask your burning questions in the comments!