Leaving on a jet plane! #psa64

And all the planning and craziness leading up to today is over. Let the adventure begin! I’m heading to South Africa to work on The Precision Array to Probe the Epoch of Reionization, aka PAPER, aka the project on which i am writing my thesis. I’ve talked about PAPER a bit before, as it is a radio telescope that is being built to look for hydrogen in the very, very young universe, over 10 billion light years away.

I’ll be gone for three weeks, though it seems that I will have internet access in the desert after all. We’re putting out 32 antennas to join 32 already there, for a 64 antennas array to search the sky at low frequencies. Will send pictures as I can! And, I’m using the hashtag #psa64 on Twitter. Please do comment and tweet as I’ll be looking to keep up with the outside world even when I’m on my adventure.

4 thoughts on “Leaving on a jet plane! #psa64

  1. You’d think I’d be jealous. But I’m not. Not at ALL. Not a bit.


    Have a great trip 🙂 I’ll eagerly await details when you get back!

  2. GV, I do have Moonica with me! Forgot to bring her to the SKA office, but she’s coming to the site with me in a few days.

    Oh c’mon, Christian, you can be a liiiiittle jealous 😉

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