Science Meets Art Meets… Cereal?

This made my afternoon yesterday, when I was running around like crazy…

This made me sooo happy! And I told Steve, of Tree Lobsters fame, that it made my day. (See how he did it at Mad Art Lab!)

Later that evening, I was totally pooped from my busy day and about to curl up in a ball and sulk, and I get this in a tweet from Steve…

I think the SQUEEEEE could be heard for miles around. That REALLY made my day! I just wish I had taken that picture with a better camera back in 2004. I’m wondering if this could become a Dark Skies, Bright Kids product line, featuring all our lovely volunteers, and with activities like “Make Your Own Constellation” on the back. Hrmm….

Steve also made a card for my mom for Father’s Day a while back which I loved. Mom liked it, too, though she couldn’t figure out why I gave her a card with a lobster and leaves until I explained it

Science + art = win. Check out all the fantastic artists at Mad Art Lab, where art meets science and skepticism, AND possibly my new favorite artist Glendon Mellow of Flying Trilobite, who I had the privilege of meeting at SciO11! I think I need to have this for my wall, or this, or this


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