Green chile mania

Still recovering from my New Mexico trip, followed by a successful outreach event with the Girl Scouts at the Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy Center. And then struggling to find disk space for the many GBs of data that are coming from our telescope! The fun never ends.

So, in honor of New Mexico, I give you bit of green chile noms…


I’ve been to Owl Bar, and they are really, really good green chile cheeseburgers. However, when Socorro Springs got their own, they were fantastic as well. I ordered green chile on everything last week (though in one instance I had to wuss out because there was TOO much) and came home with green chile beef jerky and green chile pistachios. And some powdered green chile for making dip.

Can you tell?


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2 thoughts on “Green chile mania

  1. Yay for green chile! Next time try the Buckhorn Tavern (across the street from the Owl Cafe in San Antonio). They make a damn fine green chile cheeseburger too. There’s also a little convenience store right there that sells incredible hand made fudge. Glad you enjoyed your time in my adopted home state.

  2. No where will you find better chile than in New Mexico. Even Blake’s Lotaburger is worth checking out, but I have to admit, that burger from Socorro Springs is on my list the next time I visit my son in Socorro. We can’t get Bueno chile in Alaska, so I stock up when visiting relatives. Thanks for the info.

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