Runaway Star!

And no, not the spoiled-teenage-actor type… Instead, it’s this:

WISE, or the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, captured a quickly moving star creating a bow-shock as it plows through interstellar gas and dust. Dust is “warm,” not as hot as stars, and thus can glow in infrared light while being invisible to optical telescopes. The dust in the bow-shock is even warmer than the surrounding material as Zeta Ophiuchi rushes through.

What else glows in infrared light?

Well, you do, and an infrared camera can show you that as well.

This camera takes the difference between two infrared images of different wavelengths to tell you temperature.

Just a little more of what you can see when you study the “invisible light” in the universe!

Thanks to my officemate Genevieve for posing for this shot!

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