My New Gig…

So, it’s been quiet here again. Sorry about that! But, if you don’t already know, I’m now blogging for Discovery Space News! So, you can expect to see a handful of short, fun posts every week on the latest science and space news by me over there, along with the amazing writings of Irene Klotz, Robert Lamb, Jennifer Ouellette, Ray Villard, and our boss-man, Ian O’Neill.

I’m still thinking… Really? Really?! Someone thought it was a good idea to let me write next to these cool people? But I take it as a great opportunity to learn a lot about how to get great science news out to people who want it. This will also, hopefully, help me to accomplish one of my personal goals to “Share science with everyone.

That being said, my AstroJargon of the Week series is going to become more of an AstroJargon of the when-Nicole-gets-to-it sort of thing, and all the other usual personal ramblings will continue here.

Now, I have to get un-behind on a jazillion emails and other things… what else is new?

4 thoughts on “My New Gig…

  1. Yeah, I was sorta surprised when I saw your name on some stuff over there the other day, it was all “When the hell did she get that gig?”

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