Time Management Fail

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote up a personal mission statement with the hope that it would help me focus my activities.  This was followed a few days later by a meeting with my thesis committee, which, as always, helps me to refocus my research and my career goals.  For the past couple of months, there has been a lot of activity in many aspects of my life.  Frankly, I let myself get overwhelmed.  My problem is, I say “yes” to every opportunity that comes along that looks interesting. In the meantime, I take on too much responsibility, real and imagined.  Maybe I’m still trying to “find myself.”  I don’t know.  What I need to start doing is saying “no.”  No thanks, that sounds really interesting, but I have so much on my plate right now.  It takes a lot more effort than I realized, to say no to something interesting, but it is the more responsible thing to do.  After all, why say yes to doing something when I may let that person down because I am already so overwhelmed?

There are not enough hours in the day, or days in the week, for me to do everything that is interesting or a great opportunity.  I’m working to scale down my current commitments and not feel guilty about it.  If you ask me for something, and I say no, don’t take it personally!  I’m still figuring this all out and working to be realistic about my life.

Anyway, since that was a more serious and personal post than I often write, here are some pretty pictures from my most recent field work trip to Green Bank to get our field mowed with losing our cables and antenna positions.

Pretty fall colors have hit western Virginia. Click to embiggenify.

Understaffed and under time pressure, we ate our lunch while working outside. Erin, you are a trooper!

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