Star-partying, and for a good cause!

Those cool Atlanta Skeptics are hosting a benefit right around Dragon*Con time called “A Full Moon for Cancer.”  This will be held in honor of Jeff Medkeff, aka the “Blue Collar Scientist,” astronomer, skeptic, and blogger who succumbed to cancer last year.  All of the proceeds from the event will go to the American Cancer Society. The even will feature astronomy-outreach luminaries (see what I did there?) Phil Plait and Pamela Gay, and include star-gazing if the weather cooperates.  If you are going to be at Dragon*Con, won’t you consider coming to this cool event?

So I’ve been tentatively planning to go to Dragon*Con this year with Tim, although it’s riding very close to a travel schedule for work that is still kind of fuzzy.  I think we’re going to go ahead and make hotel reservations before the whole damn city is booked anyway, and hope that as the time gets closer, my plans will be more firm.  Atlanta is only an 8+ hour drive from CVille anyway, and I’ll have good company.  You can bet that I’ll be at this event (volunteering my astronomical as well as waitressing skills, as needed) as well as hanging around the Skeptrack, so say hi!

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