Awful Waste of a Drink

This is old, but it’s for posterity. The 2004 Socorro Summer Students present “Contact: The Drinking Game”! Take a swig any time one of these happens:

We killed the “Bad Science” rule after Ellie discovers the signal, since then it delves way too far into the unknown. Oh, and the NRAO is not affiliated with any of our raucous actions.

Don’t forget to include a toast to the great Carl Sagan.

3 thoughts on “Awful Waste of a Drink

  1. How would you like to help me put one of these together for the David Lynch version of Dune? Now that could have some fun conditions. 🙂

  2. Oh man, I’m going to lose geek cred…. I’m not that familiar with Dune!I have done a Moulin Rouge drinking game, though…

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