Nicole Gugliucci, PhD

Notice (4/23/24): As much as I love my silly little website and always hope to be writing more, I need to suspend my hosting account for financial reasons. At the moment, I can’t justify paying server costs when that could, say, fund a flight to see my family that I see in person less than once a year!

This website will be going into hibernation sometime between May 7 and May 22 since my renewal always happens during finals time… the worst time. I’d like to be up and running again this summer with a more affordable option.


P.S. Thanks to my Kofi contributors over the years! I appreciate every little bit of love.

the author, wearing a shirt with constellations on it, sitting on a large, plush chair working on a laptop with a large black dog sitting on her hip.

I’m a physics professor, astronomer, education researcher, maker-of-tiny-comets, and all around geek.

Professor, astronomer, education researcher, maker-of-tiny-comets, and all around geek, Dr. Nicole Gugliucci has made it their mission to study and share the Universe. Known as the “NoisyAstronomer,” she earned a doctorate studying radio astronomy, did a postdoc in science education, and is an assistant professor of physics in New Hampshire. For more, see my About page.

All opinions are strictly my own and do not reflect upon ANY institutions and organizations with which I may be or may have been affiliated. This applies to this blog, other blogs, all my social media accounts, and any other ramblings by me that you may find on the web or a little scrap of paper blowing in the wind.