Professor, astronomer, education researcher, maker-of-tiny-comets, and all around geek, Dr. Nicole Gugliucci has made it her mission to study and share the Universe. Known as the “NoisyAstronomer,” she earned a doctorate studying radio astronomy, did a postdoc in science education, and is an assistant professor of physics in New Hampshire. Full bio

This site includes a collection of writings on science, astronomy, education, news, geekiness, feminism, skepticism, and anything else I may find interesting. This is primarily a personal website, though much of it does intersect with my role as a science educator.

Looking for answers about astronomy, or how to become an astronomer? There are some great resources at Cornell University, Cool Cosmos, and NASA. Or, find someone to talk to your class at Skype a Scientist.

Science and Education Research

I can be reached on LinkedIn, and my publications can be found via Google Scholar and ADS.

Before my current job as a professor, I was a postdoctoral researcher with the citizen science project CosmoQuest at the STEM Center at SIUE. Before that, I was a graduate student at the University of Virginia, where I helped co-found the outreach project Dark Skies Bright Kids. My dissertation was on instrumentation with the PAPER project.

Writing and Podcasting

For several years, I was a freelance science blogger with Discovery News: Space. You can find links to some of my writings at the tab above. I have a YouTube Channel with old episodes of videocasts and podcasts, and you can find those archives on the podcast page. I have also contributed writings over the years to Skepchick.

All opinions are strictly my own and do not reflect upon ANY institutions and organizations with which I may be or may have been affiliated. This applies to this blog, other blogs, all my social media accounts, and any other ramblings by me that you may find on the web or a little scrap of paper blowing in the wind.