Conference Travel: URSI Day 3

I have written about some interesting highlights from the annual National Radio Sciences Meeting of URSI in Boulder, CO, and would like to finish that off with a topic near and dear to my brain: radio astronomy through the ionosphere. Low frequency radio astronomy has enjoyed a resurgence in the last few years, partly drivenContinue reading “Conference Travel: URSI Day 3”

Conference Travel: URSI Day 1

Warning, much radio astronomy geekery ahead! Wednesday was the first day of the National Radio Science Meeting in Boulder, CO. As I did two years ago, I spend most (if not all) of my time in Commission J: Radio Astronomy. This means fully geeking out in my favorite wavelength regime in astronomy. (Though, as JeffContinue reading “Conference Travel: URSI Day 1”

URSI Update #3 – SETI

Since it’s been a month since my conference, I think that this will be the last in my series of round-ups from the National Radio Sciences Meeting in Boulder last month. And this time, I’m going to stray away from mainstream science into something slightly out there but totally cool – the Search for ExtraterrestrialContinue reading “URSI Update #3 – SETI”