On Manatees and Lovely People

I’ve been hesitant to write about this, since it was a rather private affair, but astronomy lost a shining star recently when my friend Heidi lost her battle with cancer. She was Assistant to the Director at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and worked in the Dean’s office at the University of Virginia before that.Continue reading “On Manatees and Lovely People”

Mental Illness Awareness Week

I realize that it is Wednesday and thus halfway through the week BUT… this week is Mental Illness Awareness Week. And you all should be aware that mental illness is a real thing. The brain is an organ in your body that can actually give you an illness. If you are having problems, you aren’t just “crazy,”Continue reading “Mental Illness Awareness Week”

For Bob Rood, one of the coolest people I know

Update: The family has set up a public Facebook page where you can share your favorite Bob Rood stories and memories. Also, the current astronomy department chair wrote this in remembrance of Bob. Update 2: A public memorial service will be held at 4pm on November 10th at the University of Virginia chapel. It willContinue reading “For Bob Rood, one of the coolest people I know”

The Art of Being a Scientist

I’ve had “The Art of Being a Scientist: A Guide for Graduate Students and their Mentors” sitting on my desk for some time now. It looks to be a fascinating and useful read, however, I was deathly afraid that I was “too late” to open the book and get anything from it. I mean, I’mContinue reading “The Art of Being a Scientist”