Are you ready for the Great American Eclipse?

UPDATE (8/17/17): As the date gets closer, please check out my “Procrastinator’s Guide to the Solar Eclipse” on Skepchick!  I’m pretty darn excited. I’ve never seen a total solar eclipse, and I’m getting my first chance to do so, along with many, many residents of North America, on August 21st. I’m heading back to theContinue reading “Are you ready for the Great American Eclipse?”

A silly little video I made…

… with a not-so-little Saturn V. Starring Pluto Little Dippy, last semester’s mascot for Dark Skies, Bright Kids. [youtube=] We’re doing a kickoff party today for a new school, yay! If you don’t hear from me in a few days, it’s probably because I’ve been trampled by 80 over-enthusiastic kidlets. Wheeeee!

Lunar Goodness over CVille

UPDATE: Rocking great picture by Rachael from McCormick Observatory last night, on her Flickr page, with the awesome 6-inch Clark Refractor in the foreground. UPDATE Again (9/17): Rachael’s pic gets a kudos from UVa alumn, the Bad Astronomer. — I got a great twitter update from Nick in CVille saying that there was a MoonContinue reading “Lunar Goodness over CVille”