A nod to STS-125

Astronomers in my department are anxiously and excitedly watching the events unfold from the space shuttle mission to repair Hubble this week.  HST has been a fantastically productive scientific instrument, and many people are hoping it will continue to revolutionize how we think of the universe for a few more years.  My personal favorite hasContinue reading “A nod to STS-125”

Seeing Extrasolar Planets, Part I: Fomalhaut b

A little while ago the first images of exoplanets were released and caused quite a stir in the astronomical community, as well as on the blogosphere! Here at UVa, like good little grad students, we read and discussed the discovery papers shortly after they were released. I read the papers and took notes of ourContinue reading “Seeing Extrasolar Planets, Part I: Fomalhaut b”