Dragon*Con Post-Op

Holy. Frakkin. Wow. So, I attended, no, experienced my very first Dragon*Con. It was on a scale of something that I have never seen before. Tens of thousands of freaks and geeks, many in costume, descended upon downtown Atlanta to laugh, squee, drink, and just be themselves (or whoever they want to be) for aContinue reading “Dragon*Con Post-Op”

Star-partying, and for a good cause!

Those cool Atlanta Skeptics are hosting a benefit right around Dragon*Con time called “A Full Moon for Cancer.”  This will be held in honor of Jeff Medkeff, aka the “Blue Collar Scientist,” astronomer, skeptic, and blogger who succumbed to cancer last year.  All of the proceeds from the event will go to the American CancerContinue reading “Star-partying, and for a good cause!”