I get Questions

Being the “token astronomer” in some of my circles means that I get asked all kinds of interesting questions. Like this: “You’re an astronomer! Tell me – is it normal for your boobs to actually be separate entities outside your space suit? I mean, I assume that’s for science reasons.” With the picture at rightContinue reading “I get Questions”

Shuttle Launch Attempt… take one!

So…. the launch of STS-130 was scrubbed last night. The crew of six was primed and ready to deliver the Tranquility module to the International Space Station, and the shuttle itself was all ready for liftoff! The weather, however, would not cooperate. We kept swinging between “go” and “no-go” due to a low cloud ceiling.Continue reading “Shuttle Launch Attempt… take one!”

A nod to STS-125

Astronomers in my department are anxiously and excitedly watching the events unfold from the space shuttle mission to repair Hubble this week.  HST has been a fantastically productive scientific instrument, and many people are hoping it will continue to revolutionize how we think of the universe for a few more years.  My personal favorite hasContinue reading “A nod to STS-125”

Carnival of Space #79

Welcome, one and all, to the glittering light show that is the Carnival of Space! Only this time, it’s not a carnival lit by twinkling bulbs but by the nuclear furnaces of stars and the fires of our own imaginations. This week, it’s all about planets as we start from Earth and move through ourContinue reading “Carnival of Space #79”