Friggin’ Piranhas!

I have to say, I’m a wee bit jealous of my buddy and fellow bellydancer Alla as she travels the WORLD with UVa’s Semester at Sea. Here she is floating on the Amazon, learning about piranha’s first-hand from a tour guide. Luckily, they all escape with their hands intact. [youtube] Whenever they get internet,Continue reading “Friggin’ Piranhas!”

Bat in my Face, Immunity in my Butt!

Ah, the woods. Relaxing, peaceful, quiet, and full of potentially rabid animals. So, I’ve moved in with my friend, Howard, who owns a lovely house out in Lake Monticello. I was really enjoying the woodsy scenery, and I can handle the bugs, even learn to live with the wasps. Howard said he once had toContinue reading “Bat in my Face, Immunity in my Butt!”