Audio: Alien Conspiracy Panel at CONvergence 2014

A few weeks ago, I had an amazing time at CONvergence, a science fiction and fantasy convention in Minneapolis, MN. It has also become the home con of a smaller, sort of embedded con, SkepchickCon. As an occasionally elapsed but trying really hard contributor for the Skepchick Network, I’m glad to come along and shareContinue reading “Audio: Alien Conspiracy Panel at CONvergence 2014”

On the Death Penalty and Eyewitness Testimony

Last night, at 11:08PM EDT, Troy Davis was executed by the state of Georgia, despite local and international outcry. Today is one of those days where I really don’t like being a part of humanity. So, let me get this off my chest, even though it has nothing to do with astronomy.

“Dragon*Con is my Christmas…”

… says Derek Colanduno, director of the massive sci-fi/fantasy/geek convention’s Skeptic Track. “It’s other people’s Halloween,” quips biologist and evolution defender Eugenie Scott. Frankly, it’s a little bit of both. Not enough candy, mind you, unless you really enjoy Tuaca (which tastes like Christmas in your mouth). But there are costumes… costumes galore! From StormContinue reading ““Dragon*Con is my Christmas…””

Leaving on a jet plane! #psa64

And all the planning and craziness leading up to today is over. Let the adventure begin! I’m heading to South Africa to work on The Precision Array to Probe the Epoch of Reionization, aka PAPER, aka the project on which i am writing my thesis. I’ve talked about PAPER a bit before, as it isContinue reading “Leaving on a jet plane! #psa64”

The Face in your Bellybutton

Somehow, I missed out on being part of an excellent experiment at SciOnline a few weeks ago. A group of scientists and science communicators have teamed up to explore the “wildlife of the body” through Belly Button Diversity. They took samples from bellybuttons of various conference participants and let them grow in an agar solution.Continue reading “The Face in your Bellybutton”

So what's your sign, baby?

I got a question about this from one of my dearest friends, and so I’ll take a bit of time to answer it here. In the infamous words of Charlie Tolbert at UVa, “Astrology is bunk.” That’s it. That’s the bottom line. But we’re good skeptics so we’ll delve a little deeper. (First though, IContinue reading “So what's your sign, baby?”

Sagan Day 2010

So before 2010 actually ends, I promised a recap of the Carl Sagan Day in Florida that I attended in November. Sad that you missed it? Well, all of the talks are still archived on video! Since I actually missed many of the talks due to my other duties, I’m glad for that. If youContinue reading “Sagan Day 2010”

Skepticism 102

I had long ago promised to write about what came out of Skeptrack at Dragon*Con. It’s taken some time to process, and there have been many other distractions (life, work, etc) but here I finally begin… I’ve written previously about what it means for me to be a “skeptic” so I guess you could callContinue reading “Skepticism 102”