“3D Strongest Link” CC BY-2.0 Chris Potter on Flickr and

A list of some interesting blogs, podcasts, and comics!

Interesting blogs that appear to be no longer active as of November 2016

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  1. Maria murnaghan
    May 6, 2016 at 23:00

    My name is Maria and I live in Montreal. I’m 16 and am currently doing a project for history class on what I aspire to be one day. The goal of this project is to get me more involved in the career that I would like to go into and I would love to study astronomy later when I graduate. If you could answer some of my questions that would be great!

    Why did you choose to study astronomy?
    Do you have any role models or did you used to?
    what should I expect in the world of astronomy?

    Thank you for your time

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