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Nicole Gugliucci is a Ph.D astronomer and works with the fabulous project known as CosmoQuest. Her home on the internet can be found at One Astronomer's Noise.

Stuff I Did Not Here in February


Blogs M82 Supernova Update – CosmoQuest – 3 February 2014 Weird Asteroid Itokawa Has A Dual Personality – Discovery Space News - 5 February 2014 What’s In an Asteroid – CosmoQuest – 5 February 2014 “Missing” Evolutionary Link for Compact Galaxies…

A Selfie a Day

A woman's selfie from 1900

I’ve never expected that I’d take on a challenge that expects me to do something every day. I’m not the best at consistency, you see. But I saw this one, and I had to give it a try. Late last…

Long Winter

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 5.56.43 PM

I haven’t been around this site for a while, but I’ve been working quite a bit, especially in the last few weeks. New year, new goals! Here’s a link round-up for December and January. I might be doing that a…

November Blogs and Videos


After a very filling Thanksgiving, I am so, so ready for the winter holidays! Here’s what I worked on last month: Blogs Preview In-VESTA-Gate – CosmoQuest Educators’ Zone, November 4 Building a Huge Telescope – CosmoQuest, November 5 Pop Quiz:…

October Roundup

CosmoQuest and craters at the DIY Science Zone at GeekGirlCon.

October has come and gone with prolonged warm weather and the end of my business travel for the year. With the Boulder Science Festival and GeekGirlCon done, I don’t have to get on a plane again until I see my…