#ProfLife Year 4, Black Holes on the Radio, and the Return of the Skepchicks

people seen with infrared camera

UPDATE (5/7/19): You can find the audio of the NHPR conversation online, as well as a segment I did the next day with Amy Shira Teitel for Minnesota Public Radio!

The last post on this page is actually a year old, so time for an update!

Things look a little different around here. I’ve set up a static homepage since this site isn’t used often, so the blog updates (or lack thereof) are not front and center. Instead, you get a helpful about page! I’ve also updated and refined the information on my Writings and Podcasts pages.

Speaking of podcasts, I’ll be on the radio live on Monday, May 6 at 9am on New Hampshire Public Radio again with the Sky Crew on The Exchange. Of course, it’ll go into the podcast feed after recording, so you can enjoy it any time. You know we’re going to talk about that massive black hole image, right? Right.

What else have I been doing? Teaching, research, and service, of course! I just finished up my fourth year as a tenure track professor, which means I have a little over a year left until I go up for tenure. Am I nervous about it? Hi, it’s me, of course I am. Is that going to stop me? Hell no. But I’m still loving my job, my students, and my colleagues. But not the grading part. I still hate that.

Finally, I’m super excited that the Skepchick crew is back in action! As Rebecca explains in her re-launch post, most of us fell away for various reasons over the last few years. Let’s face it, it’s been rough out there. But I missed that particular awesome group and I’m happy we’re back to writing again. I’ll be doing the Friday Quickies (with Cute Animal Friday!) and other posts on science, feminism, social justice, etc.

As always, say hi on Twitter. Cheers!

series of images of people with infrared camera
My students, as seen in infrared